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Statement by EC Website

China International Electronic Commerce Network (hereafter refers as to EC website) as well as the website brand and symbol are owned by the China International E-commerce Center under the Ministry of Commerce. Now EC website statement is as the following:

1. Regarding to the content of EC website, copyright of any word, photo, video and audio information sourced from EC website is owned by the China International E-commerce Center. Without permission in official writing authorized by the EC website, any media, website or individual can neither in any form whatsoever reprint, duplicate, disseminate, alter, publish, demonstrate, nor spread any content, photograph and design from this website.As for the media and website that has been authorized, they are requested to write down "Source: EC Website" and "en.ec.com.cn".

2. The following information from EC Website are not allowed to carry at will:

a. Relative links transferred by EC website

b. Content with statement of "No Duplicate or No Duplicate without permission"

c. Content that EC website had no copyright, such as EC information without author's name or works of others quoted or transferred by EC

d. Some special photo, symbol, design, layout and program

e. Content that could be released to people who are specially authorized

f. Content violating to laws or improper to be transferred according to our website.

3. Text and photo with "Source: XXX" on EC website aim to convey more information to internet users but mean that EC website agrees to the viewpoint or has verified its authenticity.

4. Any transference or quotation of information from EC website should be done in form of news or reference without fees. And the use of the information should be based on reason and goodwill. The transference and quotation should not be misunderstood and revised, meanwhile, should keep the "resource" that quoted by EC website and take the legal responsibility, especially the copyright.

5. Any transference or quotation of information from EC website must not injury the interest of EC website and others, must not allow others to go on with transference or quotation.

6. About transference or quotation of articles with author's name from EC website, you are asked to pay to the author. If there are civil disputes, administrative punishment or other losses caused by improper transference or quotations, EC website will take no responsibility.

7. If the transference or quotation on EC website touches copyright, the author please contact with us shortly within one month and provide relative documents. E-mail: ecinfo@ec.com.cn

8. Most of the information on EC website is from authoritative institutions and we will try our best to offer you timely, all-round and authentic information, but still the information is just for your reference. Users are held responsible for themselves for any consequences arising therefrom.

9. EC website will reserve the rights to take legal action against those who break this statement and other rules at will.