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Our motto: Mutual Benefit, Cooperation, and Mutual Win, the China International Electronic Commerce Network (hereafter refers to as EC website) provides service to overseas businessmen, as well as foreign friends who are interested in Chinese economy. In the mean time, the website also provides industrial data and analysis.EC website is always ready to develop friendly relationship of cooperation with peer websites.

About link-up cooperation:

Any friends hoping to exchange links with EC website are required first to submit an application. The application should be e-mailed to ecinfo@ec.com.cn with a reference of "application for link-up cooperation", on the other hand, you'd better point out the specific place in your letter that your link, logo or photo link locates in, we will process your application within two working days from the day of receiving it. If the application failed to reach us by any reason, we will work on the application within one week as from the day of submission.

After the submission, the application could not be available if your website has no link of ours in some place. Only if the application is available, will we implement the link-up cooperation.

About EC website

Name: China International Electronic Commerce Network

Website: http://en.ec.com.cn

Briefings: China International Electronic Commerce Network (hereafter refers to as EC website), operated by China International E-commerce Center under the Ministry of Commerce, is a comprehensive and portal website on Chinese commerce and business. Since its establishment in 1997, EC website has committed to provide convenient services of e-government and security of e-commerce, authorized and all-round information to the Ministry, commercial departments of the Ministry at all levels, enterprises and businessmen. Now, it has 100,000 registered users and has served over 400,000 enterprises, becoming a brand of Electronic Trade Service with unique advantages in Chinese commerce and business field.

Contact for other forms of cooperation:

Tel: +86-10-67800271

Fax: +86-10-67800374