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Help & Tips

Our website, en.ec.com.cn, is specialized on economic information, administered by China International Electronic Commerce Center under the Ministry of Commerce.
The mission of the Ministry of Commerce is to formulate and implement specific policies and reform plans of foreign trade and economic cooperation and foreign investment, and to work out and execute mid-term and long-term import & export planning and development strategies. So it is important for you to know the functions of its different departments. We hereunder provide you tips access to the relevant subject.

The Departments of the Ministry of Commerce
Department of General Office
Tel: 65198318 Fax:65198315
Department of Personnel Resources
Tel: 65198515 65198573
Department of Policy Research
Tel: 65197454
Department of General Economic Affairs
Tel: 65197835, 65198403
Department of Finance
Tel: 65198616, 65198665
Department of Asian Affairs
Tel: 65198716, 65198726 Fax: 65198903
Department of West Asian and African Affairs
Tel: 65197220, 65197534
Department of European Affairs
Tel: 65198632 65198685
Department of American and Oceanian Affairs
Tel: 65198820, 65197948 Fax: 65198904 65198847
Department of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Affairs
Tel: 65197052 65198630
Department of International Trade and Economic Affairs
Tel: 65197217 65197105 Fax: 65197903
Department of WTO Affair
Tel: 65197313 Fax: 65197310
Department of Foreign Trade
Tel: 65197406, 65197405 Fax: 65197952
Department of Trade in Service
Tel: 65197355 Fax: 65197926
Department of Mechanic, Electronic and Hi-Tech Industry
Tel: 65198776 65198797 Fax: 65198775
Department of Market System Development
Tel: 85226309
Department of Commercial Reform and Development
Tel: 85226436 85226405 Fax: 65135836
Department of Market Operation Regulation
Tel: 85226331
Department of Foreign Investment Administration
Tel: 65197304, 65197303 Fax: 65197322
Department of Foreign Aid
Tel: 85226638 85226647 Fax: 65121626
Department of Foreign Economic Cooperation
Tel: 65197133 65197134 Fax: 65197992
Department of Treaty and Law
Tel: 65198723 Fax: 65198739
Bureau of Fair Trade for Imports & Exports
Tel: 65198494, 65198170
Bureau of Industry Injury Investigation
Tel: 65198180 65198182 Fax: 65198075
Department of Information Technology
Tel: 65197769 65197902 Fax: 65197491
Department of Foreign Affairs
Tel: 65198129 65197262 Fax: 65198962

Main Ministries
National Development and Reform Commission zhs@ndrc.gov.cn
Ministry of Finance 68551114
Ministry of Construction 58933292
Ministry of Railways 51842281
Ministry of Communications 65292520 65292539
Ministry of Information Industry 66014249, 66039270
Ministry of Land and Resources 66558407/08/20 Fax: 66127247
Ministry of Agriculture 64193366
Ministry of Water Resources 63202114
People's Bank of China 66194114
National Audit Office 68330958